Amateur Qualifiers 2019

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UK Open Amateur Qualifiers 2019

#TeamRileys 2019 Amateur Qualifiers lineup looks like this 


Wolverhampton Q1  - Lee Harris

Wolverhampton Q2 -

Norwich Q1 - Shaun Fox

Norwich Q2 -

Victoria Q1 - Michael Burgoyne

Victoria Q2 - Robbie Collins

Worcester - Lloyd Browning

Nottingham - Kevin Thoburn

Greenock - Mark Barilli

Chorlton - Wez Newton

Chester - Scott Taylor

Coventry - Ian McFarlane

South Benfleet - Andy Jenkins

Sheffield - Chris Lacey

Harlow -

Liverpool -

Good luck to all qualifiers at the PDC UK Open finals at Butlins Minehead between 1st & 3rd March 2019.

Catch all the UK Open coverage live on our screens at Rileys and live updates on Facebook and Twitter.