Rileys Rewards

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Our Brand new rewards program; Rileys Rewards has landed!

Earn points every time you play in Rileys. Start collecting straight away on Snooker or Pool and you can then use your earned points on free table play. 

If you are already a member you don't need to do anything, you will start earning points as soon as you play. 

Check out the FAQ's below for all the information you need, or ask in club on your next visit.

Q. Do you need to become a member to earn loyalty points


Q. How can I earn points?

A.You will earn points every time you pay and play Snooker and American or English Pool

Q. What can I spend my earned points on?

A.You can use your points for free table play on Snooker and  American or English Pool

Q. How many points will I earn?

A.You will earn 10 points for every £1 you spend and we will even round it up to the nearest £1 for you!

Q. How many points will I spend for a free game of Pool or Snooker?

A.You will need to spend 100 points for every £1 you wish to spend. The cost of the game is the standard rack rate at each club (this varies from club to club please check with your local club) e.g off peak Pool at Rileys Harlow is £7.50 which = 750 points

Q. Will I still be eligible for my discount on my membership type?

A.If you currently have a concession membership (Student, Senior Citizen or Junior) your prices will remain the same.

Q. Will my team rate be affected?

A.Team rates will not change

Q. How long are my points valid for?

A. 12 months provided you make a visit. If you dont visit within 12 months your points will become invalid. 

Q. Can we split points if more than one of us pays for a table?


Q. Will I earn points if I make my booking online?

A.Yes, your points will be applied when you visit the club.