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Sign up now for Rileys BRAND NEW 3 Person Pool League. 

Have you got what it takes to take on teams in our brand new 3 person league? Sign up with your team of 3 or 4 to compete over 10 weeks for a guaranteed minimum prize pot of £250.

Top the league and not only do you and your team win a cash prize you will also automatically qualify for a place in the Grand Final to win even more money!  

Register your team in club when we re-open from May 17th - the league starts in June. Check dates and times at your local Rileys. 

Just £10pp to enter, ALL of the money seeds the prize pot.   

Rules apply. Please see below or speak to a member of the Rileys team on your next visit. 


·       The League will be made up of teams consisting of 3 players.

·       Maximum of 4 players per team. Only 3 players per week.   

·       Male and female participants are eligible to take part

·       Players must be over 18 – anyone under 18 must be agreed with the General Manager before they sign up

·       This format is designed for play on English or American Pool.

·       The league will be played every week over a 10 week period

·       The 11th week will consist of a 'pick up week' which allows any postponed games to take place.

·       Week 12 will host the Grand Final

·       Cost to enter the league is £10pp

·       All entry fees seed the prize pot

·      Each match consists of 9 frames in 8-ball

·       All pool tables are given FOC for the league fixtures. Number of tables allocated will be dependent on how many teams participate.

·       Each club can choose which rules to follow for their tournament dependant on preference (world rules, Blackball rules etc- these rules must be adhered to throughout the whole tournament by the club and the participants and any necessary steps taken if they are not.) 

·       Each team will play each other on each night of the fixtures.

·       Players are not allowed to play consecutive frames.

·       All participants names and order of play must be decided prior to the start of each match.

·       A coin toss will decide which team is the home team and which is the away team and will therefore determine the order of who allocates their players first (home team always get the advantage)

·       Coaching of any kind is forbidden once a player starts his/her frame. Any breach of this will result in a warning, a foul and on the 3rd occasion a loss of frame.

·       If any player at any time causes any disruption they may be removed from the league and from Rileys permanently. 

·       The League table will be determined by scores on each of the nights and the highest scoring teams will then be entered in to a grand final to be held locally.

·       Scoring - 2 points for winning the match, 1 point for each frame won. 

·       The overall league winner will receive an automatic entry to the grand final. Teams that finish 2-5th in the league will enter in to a playoff tournament with the winner of the playoffs playing the league winners in the final.

·       If a team wishes to postpone a match they must do so within 24 hours of the match taking place. The team that postpone are responsible for rearranging their missed games, which must be played before the grand final week. If they fail to rearrange they will lose all points earned up to that point.

·       Scorecards are to be completed in block capitals by team captains and signed by each player before his/her frame commences. Any frames not filled in with full details and signatures may be awarded to the opposition.

·       Home teams are to provide referees for odd numbered games, 1,3,5 etc, away teams for even numbered games, 2,4,6 etc.

·       Break can be decided by a coin toss or playing two balls to see who lands closest to the baulk end. The winning team then has the choice of break. Once the break has been decided, following frames are played alternately between each team.

·       Both team captains must agree the table is playable.

·       Rileys will ensure they provide standard cues, chalks and a cross and spider rest for each fixture.

·       Any disputes must be settled by the referee – if for any reason a dispute cannot be resolved the frame will be abandoned.

·       All players must be registered for their team. Transfers cannot be made during a season.

·        Any team playing a non-registered player will lose the match and the points.

·       No player may participate in the quarter, semi or grand final matches unless they have played more than 25% of the season. 

·       Maximum time between shots in the semi and grand final is 60 seconds. Players will get a reminder at 45 seconds.

·       There is no discrimination for use of the smaller 6' x 4' table and the larger standard one. Either can be used. There is also no discrimination between the type of balls used, whether they are the older standard ones or the newer "Pro" balls.