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English pool is a common name for varieties of eight-ball pool played on green cloth with tables of either 6ft or 7ft in length – shorter than the international standard.

Popular with league players in the UK, our English pool tables are maintained to the highest standard – no dodgy slopes and divots here. Just the perfect surface for players of all standards.


8 ball-pool Rules

Here are the basics on English pool…

1.Set up the rack like this…

English Pool Rack

2.The Break - Player A must place the white ball behind the line and hit the pack. A minimum of four balls must hit a cushion otherwise it is a foul break.

3. If player A pots on the break when they are on that colour for the rest of the game. If player A pots a red and a yellow, then player A can choose which colour they want.

4. If no balls are potted off the break then the table is open for player B to attempt reds or yellows. Once either player pots a ball, they remain on that colour and the same player gets another shot. When that player misses, the other player takes a turn and this continues until one player clears all their balls and the eight-ball. The eight-ball must be the last ball potted to win the game.

5. In the event of a foul, the opposing player receives two shots and these shots carry (i.e. if a ball is potted on the first shot, the player still has two shots). When a player gets two shots, they can pick up the white ball and place it anywhere behind the line.

6. The following shots are classed as fouls: 

a. Hitting a ball which you are not supposed to hit (i.e. opposition colour or the eight-ball out of sequence) or missing all the balls on the table.

b.Potting a ball which you are not supposed to pot (i.e. opposition colour)

c. A ball jumping off the table

d.Potting the white ball

7. If the eight-ball is potted before a player’s colours are potted, that player loses the game.

8. When on the eight-ball, if the player pots it but also fouls, that player loses the game.

How to look cool when you're playing Pool

10 terms that’ll make you look like you know your spots from your stripes.



The option of placing the cue ball anywhere on the table, prior to shooting. Usually after a player has committed some type of foul.


A derogatory term for a player who "bangs" the balls, without any thought for position.

Blood test

Any very difficult shot that must be made under pressure.

Dead stroke

When a player is playing flawlessly, just "cannot miss" and the game seems effortless.


Usually referring to an object ball sitting close to a pocket.


A person who loses money gambling and keeps coming back for more.

Jam up

Expression for a player's deadly game; "watch out, he plays jam up”

Lemonade stroke

An intentionally amateurish stroke to disguise one's ability to play.

Rat in

To pocket a ball by luck; "he ratted in the nine-ball” usually used disapprovingly.

Sell the farm

To mess up a shot but leaves the table in a lucky position for the opponent that there is a strong likelihood of losing the game or match.


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