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6 Reasons Why You & Your Friends Should Head Straight For The Dartboard On a Night Out


Most pubs and bars have a limited number of activities available for the average punter to take part in (not us, of course, but most…). Far be it for us to denigrate the idea of drinking with your pals as a top drawer activity, of course. But sometimes you just fancy a little extra entertainment, don’t you? A game of pool, billiards or snooker, perhaps. Maybe even half an hour of table tennis. Or, better yet, a few games of darts.

Sure, to some people darts is a matter of life and death. Like professional players and anyone who’s ever had a dart hit them in the side of the head when walking past a pub dartboard. But to most of us, it’s just a fun thing to do with friends and a few drinks.

For anyone who doesn’t believe us, here are six cast iron reasons why you should chuck a few arrows the next time you head out for a drink…


Reason 1: It’s a Good Ol’ British Tradition


Sure, you can play a game of 8-ball pool or have a go on the quiz machine. But where’s the tradition in that? Where’s the feeling of paying homage to three generations of pubfolk? Dartboards have been hung on the walls of drinking establishments since the late 19th Century. First made of wood, then clay. Then, as we see now, cork (or sometimes ‘sisal fibres’).

If honouring memories of your great-grandad isn’t enough, perhaps knowing that you’re playing a game that has its origins in the Middle Ages might make you respect the humble game of darts a little more. It’s a heritage thing.


Reason 2: Darts & Beer Are a Match Made in Heaven


Booze and darts. They go together like a horse and carriage, as Frank Sinatra almost sang. The two are almost inseparable. Alright, nowadays the pros stay away from the beers. But that never used to be the case. The likes of Jockey Wilson and Eric Bristow would always play after a skinful. And still smash the 180’s.

We’re not advocating you get blind drunk while playing, of course. Those things are sharp and your aim’s going to be affected. But there is something uniquely enjoyable about the combo of a few ales and a few legs of darts. Just ask Drunk Darts specialists Guy ‘Fat Belly’ Gutbucket or Tommy ‘Even Fatter Belly’ Belcher from Alas Smith and Jones:


Reason 3: It Keeps Your Maths As Sharp As Your Darts


Darts and alcohol are a fine duo. Darts and mathematics are also peas in a pod. But alcohol and maths? Well, they tend to make rather strange bedfellows indeed. But then that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? Not only are you attempting to throw straight, you’re expected to make Rachel Rileyesque calculations just a few seconds afterwards…

It may not be the easiest challenge, all that adding and taking away, but it’s good to keep your brain active. Just don’t get tempted to download an app or use your phone’s calculator, yeah? Come on… Keep it old school.


Reason 4: When Someone Hits a 180, The Place Goes Wild


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing at a Rileys, down your local boozer or even in your garage with a couple of mates, when someone hits that magic maximum… Everyone’s going crazy. Three treble 20’s are few and far between in the amateur world. So make sure you take advantage and celebrate properly.

Also, make sure the fella who hit the 180 gets everyone a drink in. Rules are rules.


Reason 5: Anyone Can Beat Anyone (Sort Of)

Killer Darts

Darts is a game of skill. It requires great accuracy. A little practice, luck and concentration and you can beat anyone on your day. Although when we say ‘anyone’, we mean any one of your mates. Or any of the other guys and girls nearby. Or an elderly lady in a pink polo shirt called Tommy like in our picture here. Whoever fancies taking you on.

NB: This doesn’t apply if you go drinking down Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor’s pub.


Reason 6: Get Good Enough & You Can Go Pro (& Justify Mental Hair Like This)


Okay, fine. So it’s not hugely likely that your new hobby is going to turn into a lucrative new career that transforms you from occasional pub player into worldwide sporting superstar. But hey – you can dream, can’t you? All of darts’ top players now started off as just fellas down the pub, picking up darts for the first time with trembling, pork scratching dust-covered fingers. Who’s to say you’re not going to be the next big thing, eh?

And then you can finally start doing your hair like Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright up there!

So there you have it. Plenty of reasons to invest in a trio of darts and head out in search of your nearest board. We’d suggest one of ours. Being as they’re so darn nice and we look after them so well. But wherever you go… Just keep on throwing.

Steve Charnock A freelance writer who writes news stories, features, articles, reviews and lists. But *always* forgets to write his mum a birthday card. Follow him on Twitter or follow him into the pub and buy him a drink.