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The Rams vs. The Pats: A Guide to Super Bowl 53


Increasingly, the Super Bowl is becoming one of the biggest sporting events for us sports fans over here in Britain. It’s long been the United States’ number one mark in the calendar and as American football gets bigger and bigger over here, more and more of us are staying up late to catch all the bruising action each year.

The 2019 Super Bowl is here this weekend and sees two of the sports biggest and best teams facing off for the coveted trophy. If you’re planning on stopping up late to catch Super Bowl 53, you might find this handy little guide to it all rather useful. So here goes…


Who’s playing?

Super Bowl 53

Facing off on Sunday night will be the defending American Football Conference (AFC) champions from Boston, the New England Patriots, and the National Football Conference (NFC) champs the LA Rams. It’ll be a rematch of Super Bowl 36, where the Patriots beat the much-fancied Rams, who were playing in St. Louis at the time.

Now, though? It’s the Pats that go into the game as slight favourites at 8/11. You can get the Rams at 6/5.

The Los Angeles side are the upstarts here, an exciting and fresh outfit, led by the 33 year-old whizz Sean McVay. The Rams haven’t competed at a Super Bowl for 17 years, though. While the New England Patriots have seemingly competed at every single one ever. Could experience be a factor?


Where’s it taking place?

Super Bowl 53

This time out the action comes to us from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a 71,000-seater stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s the home of the Atlanta Falcons and has been since they ditched The Georgia Dome some three years ago. This high-tech and modern stadium cost a not inconsiderable $1.6bn and even has a fully retractable roof. Atlanta expects to see more than a million people visit for the Super Bowl weekend, bringing in more than $400 million dollars to the local economy.


When’s the Super Bowl on?

Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl 53 is on this Sunday night/Monday morning. Kick off is at 11.30pm our time. So be fully prepared for a late one, everyone. You’ll either need a forgiving boss, four espressos in the morning or a series of strategic Afternoon naps on Sunday to get through the next day. Whatever you do, though – PLAN!

Trust us. You don’t want to miss this.


What channel is the Super Bowl on?

Super Bowl 53

Sky Sports subscribers with full sports packages can catch every sack, kick and touchdown via the Sky Sports Main Event (channel 401) or Sky Sports USA (407). Sky folk without the sports package can also follow it all on the Sky Sports Mix channel (121), which doesn’t require a sports subscription.

No Sky? No problem. BBC One are showing it all live too.


So who’s better? The Rams or The Pats?

Super Bowl 53

Who’s gonna win the day come Sunday? Well, it’s hard to say. The bookies seem to favour New England, with their awesome record, Brady n’ Belichick partnership and unbeatable aura. But this season shows the Rams to be the superior side.

A lot of the talk – as ever – will be around Tom Brady and his continuing ability to defy the ageing process. The man is quite probably the greatest quarterback in football history (even at 56 or however old he is). But come Sunday? The Rams’ QB could well be the star of the show. Jared Goff has everything a great quarterback needs and he could well prove it here. Will age prove the difference between the two?

FUN FACT: Goff was just SEVEN YEARS OLD when Brady won his very first Super Bowl…

Los Angeles also have the best defensive lineman in the world (and the best player on the field) in Aaron Donald. Him and Goff could just be the difference here, we think. We’re backing a win for the LA Rams.


How about the half-time show?

Super Bowl 53

The big headliners for the halftime show? Pop types Maroon 5. They’re not exactly an exciting pick, but the other candidates – Pink, Rihanna and Cardi B – were ignored because of their vocal support of Colin Kaepernick. And the NFL really want to avoid any controversy or chatter about ‘taking a knee’. So they booked some apolitical safe hands. Maroon 5 aren’t a popular choice though, with more than 100,000 people signing a petition to drop them.

Rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott will also perform.

Atlanta native and seven-time Grammy Award-winner Gladys Knight will sing the Star Spangled Banner before the game.


Can I watch it out somewhere?

Very few places in the UK will be showing the Super Bowl, given that it’s on so late on a Sunday night. We’ll be showing it, though.

In London, both the Victoria and the Haymarket Rileys will be airing the Super Bowl. With all the action also being screened in our Harlow, Birmingham, Coventry, Lincoln, Norwich, Nottingham and Wolverhampton bars.

It’s a ticketed event, so be sure to reserve your places in advance. You can do that here.

Tickets for our West End venue (Haymarket) can be purchased here through our ticket partner Design My Night.

Fans of American football know it’s The Big One – the main event. But the Super Bowl is such a huge cultural event that it appeals to even the most casual of sports fans. Whether you watch it at home or down at Rileys, it’s bound to be a fascinating few hours of high octane and tactically astute sporting glory. So don’t miss it!

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