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Rileys – Your Alternative to a Boring Christmas Party


Christmas. It’s all fun and games, isn’t it? Or, at least, it should be. But while it may well be the most magical time of the year, it can often be a bit of a disappointment too. Sure, the time off work and the eating and drinking at home is usually pretty great, but one thing that often lets people down is the Christmas party.

Awkward works parties in the office or in crowded, stuffy and noisy bars, cold pubs or overstretched restaurants aren’t usually all that much fun. True, someone will probably fall down drunk and two of your colleagues who spend 51 weeks of the year hating each other will get caught smooching in the corner. But ordinarily? Christmas dos are a bit of a letdown, aren’t they? They don’t have to be, though.

We say it’s time to bring the actual fun and games back into your end of year party. Whether it be a works event or a get together of close pals, old pals or family. Christmas should be about spending time together and having a laugh.

So why don’t you all get yourselves down to your nearest Rileys? You can eat, drink, play games and be merry. You’ve got plenty of options once you’re here…

Christmas Party at Rileys

Here are three pretty convincing reasons why Rileys is the place for your shindig this festive season…


Seasonal Snooker

Rileys Christmas Party (1)

Most sports fans will have spent more than a few hours in 2018 tuning into the snooker on TV, wondering if it’s quite as easy as the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Kyren Wilson and Mark Williams make it look. If you’ve never tried playing before, now’s the time to get your tip chalked and find out. You’ll quickly learn it’s tougher than it looks, but the festive cheer should keep you going.

Workplace, friendship or sibling rivalries are all best settled on a snooker table too. It’s a warrior’s arena that sorts the men from the boys.

Here’s an idea: Impress your co-Christmas snookerers with some facts and trivia pinched from our ‘History of Snooker’ blog…


Party Time Pool

Rileys Christmas Party (2)

Snooker too tough? Prefer the more familiar baize of the pool table? No worries, we’ve got you. There’s no better way to catch the eye of that girl from sales or lad from accounts than by some serious smooth pool sharking.

You can also set up a huge game of Christmas killer pool that involves everyone in your party and only leaves one winner. Which is a lot more fun than leaning against the photocopier for an hour talking to Nigel from Procurement talking about purchase order numbers like you did last year, eh?

Here’s a refresher on how to play killer pool.


December Darts

Rileys Christmas Party (3)

Skill, determination, concentration, maths skills, a steady hand… It takes a lot to be a decent darts player. So emerge from a mini tournament as winner and you can’t help but impress your boss. To involve lots of people at once, killer darts is a decent idea. Just, whatever you do, don’t accidentally chuck an arrow at the Managing Director. You might just regret it.

Need a reminder as to how it works? Read our guide to killer darts here.

We’ve got your food and drink covered, naturally. Alongside our usual offerings, you’ll be able to indulge in some of our festive banquets if you book up in advance. We’ve got all sort of offers and deals on the tree this Christmas season…

Christmas Party at Rileys

So there you go. Your decision is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Do you want the same old dreary Christmas party you always end up going to? Or do you want to have a bit of fun for a change?

It’s all fun and games down at Rileys this Christmas, so get yourself booked up and down here to join in on some of it…

Rileys Christmas Party

For more information, speak to your local Rileys…


Terms and conditions apply. Drinks offers are not available in Scotland due to licensing laws. Offers are not available on Central London party bookings, please contact Victoria or Haymarket directly for party options with them.

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