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McGregor v Mayweather – It’s nearly time!


Saturday night sees possibly the most heavily-anticipated fight we’ve ever seen. The be-all end-all of money fights, The Alpha and the Omega. At this stage, it seems impossible there’s a single person out there that isn’t aware of the spectacle that is Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather.

Sporting news for the last couple of months has been dominated by build up to the big day. Both fighters have produced their own impressive collections of one-liners and insults as they desperately try to get into each other’s heads. If the press conferences and interviews have taught us one thing, it’s that neither fighters will hold back. For the spectator, this sets the stage for a memorable, once in a lifetime sporting event.

As we countdown the final few days, we think it’s important to understand a little background information surrounding the fight.

When does the Fight Begin?

The times are yet to be officially announced, but the main event is scheduled to begin at 4am BST, though the fight may start closer to 5am.

Sights Set Early

The rivalry between McGregor and Mayweather has been building up for the past two years. Despite this, it was only a year ago when the fight appeared little more than a fantasy. For McGregor, however, it had almost been part of his own grand plan. Recently, McGregor revealed he first targeted a fight with Mayweather before he even established himself in the UFC. The Irishman will enter the Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena as the UFC’s greatest asset.

The young, raw, unknown fighter in Ireland admired Mayweather from afar but was bothered by the American’s criticism of the MMA.

‘Originally that’s what woke me up’, said Mcgregor. ‘I listened to him talk down the sport that I was dedicating my entire life to’.

This left McGregor determined to climb up and earn himself that fight against Mayweather.

How has the Rivalry Developed Recently?

The two fighters embarked on a four-day tour last month in London, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York. However, the tension reached a crescendo at the SSE Arenal in Wembley.

The UFC fighter said: “Four years ago I fought in London in front of 500 people. Now here I am about to quadruple my net worth with one half a fight. And it’s against this little b****.”

There was also controversy in New York when McGregor was accused of racism after saying “I’m half-black”.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYNX-ARg_s4/?tagged=mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr told the 20,000 strong-crowd in Las Angeles: “I don’t care if it’s a ring or it’s an octagon, I will kick ass. I don’t back down for anybody’.

To this, McGregor replied; “You haven’t knocked anyone out in about 20 years”.

Mayweather added: “I’m not the same fighter I was years ago, but I got enough to beat you”.

The Best Bits from the Press Tour

 What are their Fighting Records?

Mayweather officially retried in 2015 boasting an untouched professional record of 49-0. Widely regarded as one of the best defensive fighters ever, he prides himself on his ability to evade punishment with his skilful movement about the ring while adjusting.

A win for Mayweather would move him ahead of former heavyweight legend Rocky Marciano, who also retired with a perfect 49-0 record.

Mayweather’s Highlights

McGregor is the UFC’s reigning lightweight champion and former featherweight champion. He’s known for his explosive power and charismatic bravado inside an MMA octagon. He became the first UFC fighter to hold two belts simultaneously when he KO’d Eddie Alvarez in New York last November for the lightweight championship.

McGregor is also quick and irrational on his feet but it’s risky business to assume he will beat one of the most complete boxers of all time.

McGregor’s Higlights

What are the Odds?

Bookies immediately predicted a Mayweather win. William Hill put the veteran fighter at 1/11 favourite. He’s now 2/9 with under a week to go.

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