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How To Play: Killer Darts


We’ve already told you how you’d go about playing Killer Pool. And while it might be similar in name, the rules of that and what we’re talking about here, Killer Darts, are a whole lot different. And not just because one game happens on a pool table and the other on a dart board. It’s different, but still a load of fun and a nice change from just playing the regular form of the game.

Killer Darts is also pretty different from Around the Clock. Both are arrows-based fun, of course. But this one taps into slightly different skills and tactics. 301 and 501 only really fits with two or four players maximum, so this offshoot of darts is especially useful if there are a few of you and limited boards. Let’s sharpen our darts and get down to it, eh?

The Rules

Now, then. Unlike regular darts or Around the Clock/World, this game varies mostly in that you’re not throwing darts at different numbered segments. In Killer, you’re mostly aiming at the same number each throw. Sound boring? Well, it’s not. And hopefully we’ll explain to you why…

First up – everyone gets a number. Unique to them, no one else can share that digit. To determine what everyone’s is, you all throw one dart at the board left handed. The number you hit? That’s yours for the whole game. The aim of the game is to be the last man or woman standing.

Alright, you’ve got you’re number. Say… 17. You want to throw at the 17. Six times. Each time you nail it, write a letter next to your name on the chalk board. Start with ‘K’, then ‘I’, then ‘L’… You’re spelling out ‘KILLER‘. Once you hit your sixth 17 you become a ‘Killer’ and can start throwing at your opponents’ numbers. For each number of theirs you hit, they lose life. Your aim now is to get them to lose more lives than letters. If one of them is only on ‘K’ and you bag their number – they’re out…

Sounds lengthy? Well, it can be if you’re all at the same level of expertise. The game is sped up though by the doubles and trebles. Hit a double of your number and it counts as two. And the treble, naturally, is three. Two goes, both in your treble and you’re a Killer!

Killer Darts
Phyllis here celebrates after killing a room full of men.


There are a couple of ways at tackling the Killer side of it. Obviously the race to get there is simple and strategy free. But once you’re a Killer, you’ve got one of two main options. Do you get brave and attempt to eliminate the better players? Manage it and you increase your chance of winning. Fail and the retaliation will be swift and brutal. Your second option is to pick off the weaker players. It’s easier and you finish higher in the pecking order, but the better players will still be in.

Something you’ll see develop are allegiances. Much like in the Wild West, Killers will work together to bag a bounty. Try to form an alliance and it could help you win. But remember – your new pal will turn on you. And fast. So get in before them if you can…

See For Yourself

Now, as you’ve no doubt noticed by now. Killer Darts isn’t exactly the most complicated game to learn. You’ve read how it happens and should have a good handle on it. So we won’t bore you with a video tutorial. Instead, why not take a few minutes out to make sure your throwing technique is as good as it could be?

Here’s former World No. 1 professional darts player, commentator and Sky Sports analyst Rod ‘The Prince of Style’ Harrington with some invaluable tips…


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